We are adopting a more transparent and suitable system for a community where we are just entering. Donations will not be received as subscriptions but as tips. Next volume for each series will be published once we cover the costs; the results will be reflected as we get closer to the goal. Even so, if it were too soon, you would have to wait for us a bit 😅. We will publish it as soon as possible.

Hello! We hope you are enjoying these stories. We are very happy to bring them to you.

However, we need to explain a little bit about Einherjar Project due to the “changes” you will see soon.

Einherjar Project is an international pseudo-publishing organization made up of fans of light novels.

Our first and currently largest audience is the Spanish-speaking world, to whose community we started contributing since 2015. Along the way there have been many changes in our modus operandi, the most important being two years ago with the use of Patreon as a direct investment in translation.

In the past, some translators joined the cause just for the sake of it, but would eventually disappear, leaving the translations incomplete. We can never blame them, because translating is hard work that not everyone is willing to do for nothing.
Wishing to continue making contributions, since 2019 we have been inviting readers to make donations to support Japanese language translators. The result has been satisfactory, as we have managed to publish 15 titles in the Spanish-speaking community.
Over time, Einherjar Project has not only translated from Japanese, but from English as well. Seeing that we had exclusive novels in the west, we thought it was a good idea to return something to the English-speaking community, so we started importing some of our titles.

Some novels that are on this site were translated by translators from Japanese to English, but others are from Spanish to English from what we published on the .net site. Now, as you can see, we have published everything for free and without ever mentioning Patreon.

Everything in Einherjar Project is free at the end of the day. We have no licenses (for the moment), and therefore no permission to profit from these publications. However, they were only possible thanks to Patreon (and, of course, to the translators who accepted the requests with terrible payment 😥).

Now, we are giving this notice because we are approaching the publications in Spanish with these series. Everything read so far has been thanks to the contributions of our backers, but we must be fair with them, since they have been promised to have advance access to the translations.

In short, we have always used Patreon, but we were on the margin of publicly released chapters. Now the ones that are still exclusive to patrons will be posted here as well. You shouldn’t worry, reading and even downloading is free for everyone. Each update means the release of the contents of the previous one. Those who subscribe on Patreon will be sharing the burden with those who already made the previous volumes possible.

With the support of Patreon, we are committed to the English community to publish the downloadables and continue with the translations, we might even translate more of the series we have. Donatios are not mandatory and we’ll keep translating even if no one subscribes. This is just necessary for us to be fair with those who are supporting Japanese translations.