Genres: Action, Fantasy, Romance, Scholar, Sci-fi


Academy Island is a place where each student earns a rank by dueling.
I, Shinohara Hiroto, scored the highest grade ever on the entrance exam for Japan’s most difficult academic island and defeated Saionji Sarasa, the absolute queen until last year, on my first day, thus becoming the fastest to rise to “seven stars” ever.
… Of course, all of the above is a lie.
To achieve my goal on the island, I am determined to stay on top, even if it is a lie. That’s why I’ll use anything, even the cheating of the cunning yet beautiful Himeji, who sees me as her master, or the accomplice relationship with the fake Saionji. Let’s start the conquest of the world with lies!

Original work

  • Author: Kuou Haruki
  • Illustration: Konomi
  • Status: Ongoing

Translation info

  • Translator: KirashRanger
  • Proofreader: (No one. Help, please :().
  • Artwork localization:
  • Status: Volume 1 under translation

Volume 01: Rumor has it that a liar transferred student got the better of our dear queen of fake in a game