Today was a day off.

We were relaxing on the living room sofa in the living room after we finished eating our breakfast, cleaning the living room, and such.

During that, Kanon suddenly got up on her feet.

“I’m going to brew black tea. Do you guys want some?”

I do seem to recall seeing a bunch of tea bags in the kitchen. Kanon must have bought them. The only things I buy are water or beer so I gave them free reign to buy what drinks they like.

Kanon also made barley tea and cooled it in the fridge but today’s portion was still cooling off on top of the table.

“If so, I’ll have a cup myself please.”

“Ah, let me help. I’ll boil the water.” Himari said as she stood up.

“It’s just making tea. I can do it alone.”

“I can’t have Kanon working all alone.”

“Now, now. Both of you calm down. It’s a rest day so I’ll do it myself so go sit there and wait.”

Kanon and Himari then both exchanged looks at each other after my remark and then—

“Then please go ahead.”

“Please do so!”

The two then settled their dispute and sat down on the sofa.

What’s this? It feels like this was a setup…

I don’t really mind though. It’s just boiling water, anyway.

Once I heated up the kettle, I set teabag for the cups.

This is the first time I’ve prepared black tea and also the first time I made a drink for another person.

Under normal circumstances, I should’ve done this kind of thing for them right from the first day but… I was a single guy who had never invited a guest to his house before so I’d like to have leeway on that part.

Steam soon began to spurt from the mouth of the kettle. I shut off the stove quickly after and poured the hot water in the teacup.

At that moment, the amorous scent of tea wafted through the air. I rarely drink tea but I do like its smell. Its merits are different from coffee.

“Oh yeah, do you guys want any sugar?”

I directed my voice to the living room. Kanon had also bought sugar cubes and gum syrup.

“I’ll have a cube of sugar and a bit of milk please~”

So Himari’s a milk person.

“I… w-want four cubes of sugar and gum syrup!” Kanon replied quite shyly.

“Isn’t adding four too much?”

“I like it sweet!”

Judging from the look of how worked up she is, it seemed she was well aware of how sweet it would end up. Can the sugar even dissolve with that much in it? It would just build up on the bottom, won’t it?

Diabetes is also a concern… but she’s not drinking it everyday, so I think it’ll be okay.

But still… her tastes are still quite childish, huh?

I wouldn’t guess that at all based on the food she cooks everyday.

I couldn’t help but smile a bit at this unexpected side of her.

We sat on the sofa while each of us drank our tea. There was an episode that covered a local shop which serves delicious crepes. It was only by chance but our aesthetics and tastes are in sync so I was a bit happy with the show.

By the way, I drink my tea black.

“Say, Himari… I’d like to ask you something. Or rather, I want to tell you something.”

I suddenly remembered that.

“What is it?” Himari tilted her head.

I hesitated for a moment.

I’ve only realized now that this might have been a topic that’s better suited for when Kanon isn’t around.

But with the way I phrased it, it’s too late to turn back now.

Readying myself, I said my next lines.

“I think you mentioned this the other day, but you seem to know a lot about doujinshi or something…”


I tried to avoid getting straight to the point but that would have been too vague of a statement.

If she was actually reading R-18 stuff then I do think that as an adult I should warn her about it but after all… Though  I wouldn’t want to be questioned if our roles were reversed.

Himari thought about things for a bit then she smiled from ear to ear.

“Yes! To tell you the truth, I’m a huge fan of the doujinshi Ekaki publishes. I’ve been following her works ever since I was in middle school!” Himari replied very excitedly.

It’s fine if she likes it but… the problem lies in its content.

“I-is that so. What’s it about…?”

“Most of her works are all ages gag books.  I really like her comedic sense… But once in a while she draws serious and heart wrenching stories. The contrast between the styles is one of the things I admire about her… What’s the matter, Komamura-san? You look a bit dazed.”

“Ah, nothing… You really like that a lot, huh?”


Himari’s dazzling smile filled me with an inexplicable feeling of guilt. Maybe I have a serious misunderstanding of the word doujinshi? I mean, the things I know about doujins are from the content I download and read from Fanza…

But based on what she said, it doesn’t sound like Himari had learned anything weird from doujins. I had prepared myself for that, but I’m relieved to know it wasn’t the case.

On the other hand, I’m curious about the contents of the runaway doujinshi she had read before but I dare not to dig deeper.

As far as Himari’s story is concerned, it’s probably a gag one. Yup.

To calm myself down, I sipped my tea.


Tea is a good thing to have in times like this. The no-frills bitterness of the tea livens up my brain.

After downing my tea, my eyes met with Kanon. Her face clearly showed that  she doesn’t have any idea on what Himari is talking about. I think it’s probably for the best that she stays ignorant of what it really is about. There are some things in this world you are better of not knowing. I turned my attention back to the TV, not wanting to continue this topic any longer.