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I had left the office and just arrived at the local train station when a young woman that passed by me caught my eye.

The woman had a very standout appearance, wearing a bright fluorescent yellow shirt, a long dark purple skirt, and large sunglasses.

 I don’t know whether it’s fashionable or not but it let out a “I wear it because I like it” kind of vibe.

However the reason why my eyes zone in on her wasn’t only because of her flashy appearance.

A certain thing could be seen through the convenience store bag she had.

Was that…. A cheesecake overloaded with cream?”

Food held by other people has a strange effect that pulls you in.

I suddenly have the urge to eat, so it’s a good time to swing by the convenience store.

Two large-sized convenience store plastic bags hanging from my hands, I took the apartment’s elevator.

Along with the cheesecake, I bought a variety of other snacks so it was heavy.

There are cream puffs, tiramisu, and pudding for  three people’s worth with a little other things like potato chips to name a few.

When I took it to the cashier, it created an atmosphere that screams of — “Oh this?  I’ll eat this with other people at home. Something akin to a small party in fact.” kind of vibe.

If I’m going to be completely honest, buying only a cheesecake is a bit embarrassing.

And today, the only person manning the place was a middle aged man.

I want to be able to buy sweets louder and prouder, but there’s still the hurdle of a mental barrier within me.

If I become just a bit more older, would it not bother me as much I wonder.

I did think that I bought a bit too much but Kanon said she’s a pretty big eater and it’s nice to do such things once in a while.

A momentary floating feeling passes by as the elevator goes upwards.

The door opens after it stops, with the sight of a man with a delivery service uniform waiting after it does..

I get off the elevator after a light nod to him.

He looked at the convenience store bag that I had the moment we passed by.

…..Is it that noticeable?   It’s a pretty large bag, and only snacks were stuffed in it.

It makes a rustling sound as I walk—

But the door to my room is now in front of me.

 I take out the keys and unlock it.

Since we started living together, I started checking their shoes when I come back.

Up until now, I’ve only been checking for Kanon’s, but since Himari’s part-time work, I’ve started to check for hers too.

Well, even if I did do it, they’d usually greet me before I could once I entered.

“Ah, Welcome back.”

Just like that.

“I’m back.  Is Himari not back yet?”

“Yeah, didn’t she say to us this morning that we should have dinner first.”

“She did, huh.”

I do feel like she said something of the sort.

I was brushing my teeth then so it didn’t really register.

“Never mind that. What’s with you buying all that stuff?”

“This? I bought snacks. I figured it would be nice to do something like this once in a while.

“Really!? Lemme see, lemme see.”

Kanon’s eyes instantly sparkle.

She quickly takes out the snacks from the bag.

“What to choose~”

“We should eat dinner first”

“Ehh—- Eating just one just has no effect.”

I gave her a silent look of “No”

If I let it pass once, I feel like troubles would arise in the future.

I can now understand the meaning when my parents say “Don’t eat snacks before dinner.” back then. Once a lifestyle is disrupted, a habit is formed. There’s no easy way to restore it….

“Uwu~~ Don’t look at me like that. I understand, I’ll eat dinner first.”

“Good girl. These are for desserts”

“Yes sir~~~”

Replying with energy, she went back to cooking dinner.

….The smell is meat and potatoes today huh.

Himari isn’t here today so it’s just the two of us eating.

There wasn’t really any conversation to be had with just the two of us, so we both eat in silence.

.If Himari was here, something would be brought up and we’d be lively talking.

Is she still not comfortable when it’s just the two of us?

I was just thinking about what happened back then at her apartment but just when I was thinking that, I noticed that her line of sight was directed at the bag containing the snacks.

……..Was she just distracted by her desire to eat snacks?

“All done!”

Kanon stood up energetically at the same time she finished eating.

She then quickly puts her bowl and plate on the sink and  bee lines for the snacks.

……I’ve been had…..

“Muehehe. What comes after a meal? Dessert. That’s right. Which one would want to be eaten first~~”

While spouting out dialogue like a villain from a period drama, the bag rumbles as she fishes inside it, taking out the snacks.

This is the first time I’ve seen her get this excited.

She looks really happy…

“First off are the chips~. I was just starting to miss the salty taste. And then, the cream puffs…..Wait a minute! If you bought cream puffs you should put them in the fridge, Kazu-nii!

“Ah, sorry. It completely slipped my mind.”

“The cheesecake, tiramisu, and pudding are the same! Hrmrhrm~~. They’re only half as good when they aren’t cold.”

While grumbling, the “Must be Refrigerated” goods were transferred there.

“Hold on a sec. You sound like you’re going to eat a lot of other things besides the chips.”

“Eh? I can’t?”

“You can eat that amount all at once!?”

 “I can if it’s just this much.”


I was at a lost for words as expected.

When she said she eats a lot, she really meant she eats a lot….

Just how much does she usually hold back?

“The expiration date is also a short one too. You have to it fast or it’ll go bad.”

“…..You’re going to get fat.”

At those words, Kanon stopped moving.

And in silence, she opens the bag of potato chips and eats quietly.


Using the word “fat” on a girl is definitely no bueno.

“You don’t have tact sometimes……”
–She murmurs quietly as she crunches down on the potato chips.

“My bad….”

There was nothing to do but apologize.

It was now after Himari came home and ate dinner.

Himari chose the tiramisu as her after-meal dessert.

“Yumm~~ It’s delicious.”

After she stuffed herself with the tiramisu, she made a face that was enchanted with happiness.

Kanon was glaring at Himari’s face from her side.

She was like a dog that was told to wait by her owner—– was what immediately sprung to my mind.

As one would expect, Himari also noticed Kanon’s gaze.

“Do you want some, Kanon?”

“Eh!? No, I mean, uhmm, I’m not saying I don’t but… I just ate chips earlier, that’s why, ah, uhm, I just that it looked delic—”

“Ha-ha~. You like tiramisu right? Take a bite then. Here, say Aaa~”

As Himari says so, Kanon amenably opens her mouth.

As the tiramisu fills her mouth, a broad smile surfaces.

“It’s so gooood…..”

At that moment, Himari oh so slightly quivers.

“Kanon, you’re so cute….Seeing a new side to you, I feel like a new door has opened within me.”

“I don’t really get what you’re talking about but…. Anyways, give me a bit of your share tomorrow too ok, Himari~”

 “Yup, I’d be glad to.”

For some reason, they rubbed heads with each other..

Just what am I being shown?

No, it’s good that they’re close though….. It’s obvious but, being male and this age too, there’s no way I can enter that. Thinking that way, a sense of loneliness had set in for some reason.