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It was a certain morning on a day off.

Kanon, who was usually the first to get up, preparing breakfast, has still not gotten up from her futon in the living room.


Himari, who was sitting next to her, looks up at me anxiously.

“Looks like Kanon’s not feeling well…..”

I quickly squat down by Kanon’s pillow side.

 Looking at Kanon’s weakly opened eyes, she was clearly different from usual.

Sweat was perspiring on here forehead,and her entire face is flushed.

“Oh… Morning……I need….. To make breakfast….”

“No you are not. You obviously have a fever. Stay in bed.”

I stopped Kanon, who was in a rush trying to crawl out of bed.”

I wasn’t a demon who would force a sick person to cook for me.


“Listen here….I’m an adult, so I can at least manage a meal.  It’s fine, so don’t worry and rest east today.”


“With that said, Himari. Can you fetch some water for Kanon?”

“Will do! Leave it to me!”

When I asked her to, Himari leapt to the kitchen.

We have to be careful about dehydration.

In the meantime, I went to get the thermometer near my bedside.

“37°9 huh…”

Getting the thermometer from Kanon, I inadvertently wrinkle my brows.

It’s high, but the hospitals are on holiday today..*

(TN- It might be weird to some, but local hospitals(Note: not clinics)do go on holidays in japan and a lot of other places too.)

I tried searching online for hospitals that are open on holidays, but it’s a long ways from here.

Considering the burden it will put on Kanon for the travel, it would probably be the best not to put going outside as an option.

We don’t have cold medicine here. I should go out to buy some later.

“I think you should eat something Kanon…… Can you eat rice?”

When Himari asked, kanon shakes her head limply.

“I….don’t want anything today…:

At her reply, me and Himari look at each other  with downcast eyebrows.

“This is worrying.”

I know how it feels like, but it would be bad if she didn’t eat anything.

“How about this, Kanon. What seems like something you’ll eat? It can be ice cream or jelly too. I’ll buy it for you”

At Himari’s suggestion, Kanon’s expression changes slightly.

“I’ll pick ice cream then…. The strawberry cup ones would be nice…..”

“Got it. Is that okay, Komamura-san?”

I nod after standing up.

:“In any case, we need to eat too. Is bread ok?”

“Yes. After eating, I’ll go out to buy it right away!”

She clenched her fists. Himari’s unusually motivated.

Himari must really like Kanon.

“I’ll be the one doing the shopping though.”

“Let me do it….. Please stay by her side. In times like this, I think it’s safer to have an adult by your side at times like this so….”

There was a hint of sadness on Himari’s face.

Should I really stay behind? No, I think she might be right.

It reminds me of the time when I was in elementary school and I had to stay in bed with a cold.

I felt reassured having my parents nearby. Although, to have the one who’s been entrusted to cook to succumb to cold….

Today is going to be different than our usual holiday.

After finishing a simple breakfast, I hand Himari the money.

I tell her to buy the ice cream that Kanon mentioned, Pocari sweat, which was a powerful aid in times of cold, and other stuff that looks like Kanon would be able to eat.

And while she was at it, our lunch.

The supermarket in front of the station also has a pharmacy linked to it so I asked her to buy medicine there as well.

Immediately after washing the dishes, I went to the living room where Kanon was sleeping.\



“Can you get my clothes for me….? Anything’s fine……”

“Do you want to change?”

“I’ve…been sweating a  lot…”

“I’ll go get it then”

I pull out the drawer where Kanon stores her clothes away.

A T-shirt here would be better than clothes with a tight fit.

Returning to the living room with a white t-shirt, printed over with lots of brightly colored flowers, I find Kanon who had slowly crawled out of bed.

Her usually brushed up, light colored hair, is now just strewn about bed-hair.

“Kazu-nii…….. Can you hand me a wet towel?

I instantly figure out that she wants to use it to wipe down the sweat so I go and grab a damp towel from the bathroom as she asked of me.

Getting it, I tightly wrung the the towel and head back to the living room, and spontaneously rub my eyes at the scene–

Kanon had taken off her top and is in her underwear.

“Ha—–!? Awawa, My bad! I’ll get–”

“Oh, it’s Kazu-nii ……Wipe my back…..”

Rather than be surprised, she laid her back bare to me and asked me to wipe her back.

Basing from her drowsy eyes, her judgement has fallen remarkably low.

—–What now?

After a few seconds of internal struggle, I decide to do as she asks.

I’m talking to a person who’s feeling unwell.  I can’t turn down her request.

I should just get this over with before she returns to her senses.

I sit by Kanon’s back begin to wipe her, starting from her shoulders.

“Ah….My neck too…….”

Kanon scrunches up her hair with one hand, exposing her nape.


No,  I shouldn’t stare. The other person’s a high schooler for goodness sake.

Desperately ignoring “something” that was almost born inside of me, I quickly wipe the back of her neck.


—She didn’t finish with just that though.

In a fluid motion, Kanon unfastens the hook of her bra with *chink*


She doesn’t say a word.

As if to say everything was normal.

I was desperate in hiding my sight from the plump bulge peeking out of the side.

Too desperate in fact that I might have exerted one too much force in my hands from blocking the view.

………..What sort of training is this?

“Hnn, thanks.”

Finally, the mysterious training session is now over.

 I turn my back to Kanon as she puts on her bra, and rush on over to the bathroom to wash the towel.

Even though it was the fever talking, Kanon’s decision making is seriously too bugged….

I hope she doesn’t remember these sequences of events.

While listening to the sound of my beating heart, I drew water from the tap.

When Himari came back from shopping, without delay ate the ice cream, savouring it all the while.

But she really didn’t have much of an appetite, so left it half eaten.

After that, me and Himari took turns nursing Kanon.

Kanon’s temperature showed no signs of dropping.


Kanon lets out pained moans as she lied on the futon.

I turn over the wet towel from under her bed.

Oh yeah, I forgot to ask for Himari to get a cooling gel sheet that can be plastered on the head.

I should buy one next time and keep a few in stock here.

I’m reminded of the fact that living with other means that you need to be prepared in times like this.

For lunch, we had the ready made food that Himari bought from the supermarket.

It was fried chicken and vegetable salad. But it’s just that the batter on the fried chicken was soggy and the salad somehow reeked of oil.

After the pint sized, disappointing meal, me and Himari were dejected for a while.

“It’s pointless to compare it with Kanon’s cooking…..”

Looking down, Himari murmurs that she wants to eat Kanon’s cooking as soon as possible.

And to that, I’d raise 100 thumbs if I had that many.

It was now time to prepare dinner.

I went with deep-frying the  frozen shrimp that Kanon bought before.

Not that I’ve ever deep fried anything here before. Guess it should be easy enough.

While I look at the frozen prawns,  I observe the oil that’s filled the frying pan to the brim.

It looks like the oil is about ready to go.

“Komamura-san. Do you mind if I give it a try?”

Himari’s face appears from my side.

“Ah, I don’t mind but….”

“Then, I’ll go ahead and–”

“No, wait a minute!”

I couldn’t stop her in time.

She put the still frozen shrimp in the fryer.

The oil instantly popped out in every which way.

“Wa!? Why’d you put the shrimp with the ice still on it!?”

“Uwa!? I’m sorry!”

We were going this way and that way with the oil scattering everywhere.

“This is seriously hot! Don’t go near the frying pan!”

“…….What are you guys doing?”

At Kanon’s statement, calm and composed, me and Himari looked back at her at the same time.


“You shouldn’t get up yet Kanon!”

“No, I mean, I can’t even sleep with all this racket…. And besides, I’m a lot better now thanks to all that sleep.”

As she said so, Kanon approached the stove and put a stop to the fire.

“Ah, thanks Kanon……..”

“Geez. It looks like it won’t be happening if I don’t do the cooking huh?”

Kanon said so with a look of amazement, and a gentle smile.

“Anyhow, let’s thaw the ice first.”

“I’ll go wipe up the grease on the floor…..”

Kanon trots along to the living room to get tissues.

“Uhm, say…..”

Kanon then spoke to me in a whisper.


“Well, uhmm…. Forget about what happened this morning…..”

Kanon casts her gaze downwards, face bright red.

So she remembers….

In other words, that thing with the nape and br—– stop thinking about it, Kazuki!

 A “Got it” was all I could manage.

“I brought some tissues….. Huh? Are you really fine Kanon? Your face is still red you know?”

When Himari, who came back from the living room, pointed it out, Kanon hurriedly waves her hands.

“I-I really am fine!….. Uhm, Himari. Thanks for everything today,”

“No, I should be the one thanking you. The food you make is delicious, I totally get it with what happened today.”

“I’d have to second that.”

“Sigh…. You won’t get anything out of me even if you praise me. Anyways, it’s slippery so let’s wipe the floor.”

“Yes ma’am~”

After Kanon’s behest, we moved one after the other. That’s the Kanon we know and love—– is what I thought.