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Yuri would come to check on us from time to time, but other than that, life went on the same as before.

A number of days passed without a hitch then—

It was one morning on a day off and the sunlight began to feel a bit intense.

There was toast, fried eggs, onion soup, and yoghurt on the table.

Nutritionally, I’d have like there to be vegetables, but I heard from Kanon that

“Vegetables are more expensive than you’d think so it’s only for dinner.”

I don’t much if we could have vegetables in the morning too.

In fact, I’m well satisfied that there were two more things added on the breakfast menu for the first time.

It’s a drag to add even just one item when you live alone……

As per usual, I add soy sauce to my fried egg than–

“Kazu-nii, soy sauce for me too.”


Kanon reached out for the soy sauce bottle I was holding.

She should have been part of the Ketchup faction– a severe radical even.

“What the heck? .What’s with you all of a sudden……..”

“Well….. I just think it’s good to try soy sauce once in a while~ I’d like to know the flavor Kazu-nii likes so…..”

The last part was mumbled so I couldn’t hear it well.

Without missing a beat, Himari energetically raises her hand.

“I-I want to have soy sauce too….!”

“Himari too?”

I was flabbergasted.

After all those heated, ugly arguments about ketchup and salt………

“Ah I see. You lot have finally awakened to the splendor of soy sauce on fried eggs. You make this old man proud.”

“Not at all. Ketchup is still the best after all.”

“Salt is”


You do know that what you’re saying and doing are in the opposite direction right…?

Eh, oh well.

And so with that, everyone’s eggs have soy sauce on them today.

It’s the same day at noon.

Me and Kanon were sitting on the living room sofa watching TV.

Though I say that, Kanon was also tinkering with her phone so she probably wasn’t paying that much attention to it.

Himari is in my room as usual working on the computer.

“You know what Kazu-nii”

While keeping her eyes on her phone, Kanon speaks up.


 “Am I cute?”

“——-Say again?”

The question came all the way from who knows where so my thoughts and body suffered rigor mortis.

I do think she’s cute however…..Why did Kanon suddenly ask me that?”

My mind was stuck on that part so I couldn’t give an immediate response.

“Geez. Why’d you freeze up?”

“Even if you say that…..”

“Sorry, I don’t mean anything weird by it. I was just wondering if my mom thought I was cute.”


Since she said it in a way that she doesn’t really care much about it, it made it all the more suspicious.

I don’t understand it. I’ve never been a parent, and even if I was, I wouldn’t know if I would think my own child is cute… I can’t say for sure at this point in time.

“I mean, she put that geezer on a higher priority than me. To think that my existence is more inconsequential than that guy is pretty shocking to me.”


To be honest, I think that her mother just played around with Murakumo and used him for some unknown aim—- But that’s just me.

Naturally, we don’t know the truth. .

There’s a possibility that my gut feeling is completely misplaced.

Silence spreads in the living room.

The voice of the variety show host became meaningless mumble as it continued to pass through my ears.


Immediately after, Himari suddenly appeared behind me and Kanon like a ghost.

……That was a little– no, that scared me.

“Uwa, you surprised me! What’s the matter, Himari?”



“It’s done…..I’ve finally completed the illustration. I submitted it to the contest just a while ago!”

Himari, with flushed cheeks, pumped up both hands in excitement.

She had bags under her eyes, but with her ear-to-ear smile, she didn’t feel the fatigue at all.\

Her face reflected that she really did it.


“You did? You did it! That’s great!”

Kanon hugs Himari.

That fact that this kind of skinship comes so easily is a testament really is a testament  to the privilege of being a high-school girl…..

“Ehehe. Thank you Kanon. It was all thanks to you cooking delicious food every day.”

“No way, it’s all because you gave it your all!”

Kanon dishelves Himari’s hair as she strokes it. Himari bashfully smiles and then looks at me.

“Thank you so much Komamura-san! I was finally able to take a step towards my dream!”


I don’t now what to say.

Saying “Well done” sounds pompous, but it feels to early to say “Congratulations”

But it’s an unmistakable fact that I was also elated.

And right there, I was finally able to realize why I wanted to support Himari.

Why I’m shouldering such a risk by helping Himari achieve her dream.

–It’s because I’m hoping that Himari might become that “Special Person” that I was never able to become.

Entrusting Himari with a dream that I couldn’t fulfill.

I couldn’t help but break into a laugh..

It’s too selfish of a wish.

It really is too self-centered.

But that was ok—- is what I think now.

Adults are a self-centered lot, their hearts remain unchanged since their high school days– yet despite all that, they have a narrow view.

Without saying those words, I silently smile.

“Hey, Kazu-nii. Can we go out for dinner tonight?”

“Why not.It’s the perfect chance to eat outside today. It’s a celebration for Himari.”

I motion Kanon’s proposal.

I think the budget should be fine if it’s only for today.


“What’s got you all excited? This is for Himari you know?”

“I know! What about it Himari. What do you want to eat?”

“Hmm….I wonder……”

Himari ponders it over as she looks ceiling-ward.

With a twinkle in her eyes, Kanon waits for Himari’s decision.

Ah~ This feeling somewhat feels like we’re a family-

Looking at the two of them, I suddenly thought of such a thing.

It’s an irregular, ticking time bomb of a family that wouldn’t be strange if it collapses at any time though.

…….I’ll confess.

Although I’m somewhat aware that they’re beginning to feel things more than trust in me–

But I’ll pretend that I didn’t notice it, and will continue to do so from now on. It’s between a High-schooler and an adult after all.